New Punjabi Status 2020 With HD Images

2020 is such a disaster for us, and we can only hope that the government get victory over virus. However, at least you have some new Punjabi status to share with your friends for some mood booster.

Here is New Punjabi Status 2020 With HD Images

Well, even though Punjabi status cannot provide you with money or food, it will soothe your heart – at least a little bit. Not everything can be solved with money, you know!

Although we are sure that many people here already know what Punjabi status is, let us explain it shortly. Punjabi is a language that usually used in north-western India and some areas of Pakistan or a person who comes from those places.

It means that Punjabi status comes from there, depicting various aspects of the people of Punjab. For instance, there are aspects of being a Punjab woman in Punjabi status for girls.

Apart from various quotes about Punjab people, there is one type of quote which stands out against the others. Punjabi status sad – different kinds of sayings on how Punjab citizens react towards their miserable state.

Not only that, sad status Punjabi also mentions about how they get rid of their sadness, reborn, and become a better person.

Now that’s very interesting!

Why Punjabi Attitude Status are so famous in India?

There is a recent trend of Punjabi Attitude status everywhere in India. Either they are youngsters or adults, all of them love to download and share Punjabi status.

But as quote analysts, we will try to breakdown on why people are craving these kinds of status nowadays. After we do some research for a while,there are two solid reasons for it.

  1. The Punjabi language is well-known

Thanks to the constant changes in technology and communication, it is easier to find and study new languages. It turns out that many people love Punjabi words, and shortly, the word becomes famous fast.

No wonder that Punjabi status, in general, is quite well known.

  1. Changes in trend

The trend is something abstract that we can only predict, as it’s not always accurate. Last year, there was an abundance of Indian citizens who were looking for Punjabi song status. Nonetheless, the trend drops a little bit today, especially compared to attitude status.

Why? Nobody knows!Unless they do some social researches about that, the cause is unknown.

How to share WhatsApp status in Punjabi?

Perhaps this question is what everybody always wants to know, especially the ones who eager to look cooler than their peers.

But that’s not all of the reason – some people also want to impress some chicks using WhatsApp status Punjabi. Well, as fellow men who understand how hard it is, we will provide you some petty yet useful tricks!

  1. Download the status first!

How can you share the quotes if you don’t have it? That only makes you look -a little bit- silly.

So, before you try to send WhatsApp Status in Punjabi, you can obtain the quotes and images in – the best English and Indian quotes website.

  1. Use your WhatsApp application to share it.

 Next, we will elaborate on what you should do after you got some Punjabi song WhatsApp status. First, open your WhatsApp program on the laptop or smartphone. The second step is to click on your desired person or crush message chat.

Next, open the attachment section and send the best quotes for him/her. That’s it! Now, you only need to wait for their reply.

Easy Methods to search Facebook status Punjabi

Although Facebook status Punjabi is famous, there are many people – especially senescence- who don’t know how to find them.

Again, as fellow good men who love to help elders, we will provide two different methods on how to search Facebook quotes on the internet.

Let’s have a look!

  1. Use search engine

This is the most mainstream way to find any quotes that you want. Since the invention of the search engine system, we able to discover anything quite quickly.

You only need to type your desired items, and they will find it for you. For instance, you want to see Punjabi Facebook status. You only need to sort this keyword on any search engine you like and voila!

The best quotes will appear in no time.

  1. Ask your friends or relatives

If some of you still don’t understand the first method, the second one is way easier. You only need to ask your parents or friends to send you all of the quotes and images they have!

Where to Find Punjabi Status Downloading Website?

Punjabi status downloading websites are everywhere! But if you are looking for the latest quotes and statuses, you need to be pickier on choosing sites. But don’t worry; we got you covered.

After extensive research, we can say that the best website is, believe us! Aside from their fabulous collections, you also can download all of them for free!

We don’t lie; you can quickly go and check the website. Just find your best quotes and save it, that’s all.

After that, you can share it with all of your friends and relatives. Download Punjabi status only at!