Daily Suvichar in Hindi: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All | डेली सुविचार

Most of the times when nothing else can ever comfort us but otherwise desperately looking for one, we end up reading quotes. There is nothing more direct and powerful than a short and striking quote that fits the emptiness of our deep longing.

Sometimes, maybe we just do need a small dose of it to kick a bit of energy on a boring day. But whatever our situation may be, it could be disappointing, frustrating, heart-breaking or success achieving, quotes can always make our day. Suvichar or Quotes with “Good Thoughts” can give us positive messages of great insight.

This helps you understand deeper who you are and understanding the world that revolves around you. But you might wonder why in the world would I need my very own daily quotes.

Simple! It is made for one to experience living. You don’t need to go for a bungy jumping spree or ride the deadliest roller coaster or roll yourself to the outer space for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Even the simplest way of living can bring the richest part of our lives which we cant see with all the clutter this world is putting us into.

Try to see for yourself a half-filled glass. Your outlook on life is partially dictated by the way how you perceive it. Is it half full or half empty. Both answers are correct but your subconscious mind has participated in a direct answer that you don’t know is connected to your core thoughts and attitude.

Even for a positive answer, one is left vulnerable with notions around us that can bring down a good mind foundation. With a daily dose of your though vitamins or suvichar, you can make a good difference in your life and the society you are in.

How do Daily Quotes create an impact?

Fulfillment is the key term everyone wants to get a grab on. But only a good few have achieved such a near-to-perfection goal. But if you’re looking for fulfillment, how will you achieve even the facade of it if your hands can’t get a grasp of your soul?

It is understanding oneself that opens its doors toward that peaceful arena.

No matter how hard the battle is, your mind repositions it back to the goodness that life has in you.

So does my daily quotes practice do a great difference? Yes!

it is an impact it creates in the long run and can subconsciously control our core ideas on how we immediately perceive things.

It is like the kid who won the best painting as he painted a mother bird protecting her chicks from the harsh storm. Daily quotes of positivity make you that kid. If you see peace and fulfillment as literally as painting a good sunset or a wide flowery plain, you cant see the full picture of appreciating life in both the good and bad.

So how are we going to be able to gain positivity from it?

There are many ways to absorb inspiration from our surroundings – it could be a beautiful sunset or seeing people accomplish great things.

But for a daily dose of suvichar, the opportunity is timeless and accessible. You can have it in the convenience of your phone, or sticky notes around your work desk or even keeping it in your heart and mind.

Whatever your style may be, it is quite more helpful if you add a spice of a self-drive towards gaining positivity.

Quotes do have the essence of making a direct effect on your thought path even when reading at fast paces or sudden glimpses of it. But if you want to try creating a breakthrough in your life, these key factors should be present within you.

It only requires the breaking of your old self but it’s not that hard. Be yourself and try to see it fill you gradually.

Open Mind

reading a suvichar, two kinds of people arise where one that has a relatively calloused heart and the other a readily open mind. People are affected in every way with words even with a suvichar but others tend to ignore the feeling when they passed on one.

If you choose to start making a change, make it a habit to create an open field of blank paper, ready to write.

The “Believe-it” Factor

of your suvichar may be hard to swallow at first or it needs the breaking of that eggshell that covers your life from the world.

Believe that the quote works in your life and positive energies that flow in it will be absorbed and thus channels of blessing eventually flow from within you.


are now ready to face the world after getting into your daily suvichar. If circumstances try to challenge you to the point of contesting the very quote that revitalized you, then this depends on your devotion.

Put in mind that you have placed this commitment to filling your life with suvichar no matter what circumstances around you dictate. This is the first step to flex the muscles of your perspective.


is power but if kept under your pillow won’t do any good. You have believed in it and had committed to it, then the next step is to put that positive mindset into action. The first key factors will back you up in the process.


“What will happen to me after I do all these?”

This you might wonder to ask after starting this method. Simple as it is, but the results are tremendous! This is a warning to all who wanted to engage in this practice. It can beneficially change your life for the best!

See the benefits enlisted here, and you might wonder what your own daily suvichar experience can add more than what is mentioned.

1. Fulfilling
Our hearts are always bound to something that can somehow fill it up. It is space. If it is constantly empty and neglected due to the busy hours we cater to more, we become more vulnerable and irritable.

Fill it with peace-making and contentment-reinforcing suvichar. It helps redirect focus despite circumstances that make life more fulfilling.

2. Refreshing
As we sleep through the night and try to reminisce about the events during the day, we sometimes end up overwhelmed and cluttered with its noise leaving us restless.

Usually, this case goes for those who are prone to insomnia. If nothing refreshes us back towards a positive outlook, our minds will continue to wander during our sleep.

But this doesn’t just apply in your sleeping time, but also in your wee hours where you are alone and waiting. Indwell the words of a suvichar in those quiet moments and make a refreshing outlook that can help the mind rest.

3. Rewarding
In most cases after a hard day´s work or after a goal has been achieved, there is nothing sweeter if you try to reward yourself.

With all the stress and commotion that goes outside and even inside your mind, you need a rewarding suvichar that can encourage your day even more.

If you can try to imagine the day you received something in surprise out of your efforts, the same feeling goes within you when your soul is pleased even in the hard times.

The common reward is physical, but the reward you get in your daily quotes is soul-inspiring.