Mahadev Status in Hindi HD Images for Devotees | महादेव स्टेटस हिंदी

Since you are a Hindi person, of course, you will know who Mahadev is. As one of the supreme Gods in Trimurti, Mahadev has many devotees. We have collection of Mahadev Status in Hindi with HD Images for Devotees. Hope you will appreciate it.

Trimurti itself can be defined as the three supreme Gods of Hindu. First Lord Brahma, Second Lord Vishnu, and third Lord Mahadev, or also known as Lord Shiva.

शिव की ज्योति से नूर मिलता है,
सबके दिलों को सुरूर मिलता है;
जो भी जाता है भोले के द्वार,
कुछ न कुछ ज़रूर मिलता है!

ठंड ऊनको लगैगी जिनके करमो में दाग है”…
हम तो भोलेनाथ के भक्त्त है भैया हमारे तो मूंह में भी आग है…!!
हर हर महादेव ..!!

शिव की बनी रहे आप पर छाया,
पलट दे जो आपकी किस्मत की काया;
मिले आपको वो सब अपनी ज़िन्दगी में,
जो कभी किसी ने भी न पाया!

मेरे MAHAKAL से मोहब्बत कर लेता तो मै खुद हार जाता..!!
जय महाकाल…

जिनके रोम-रोम में शिव हैं वही विष पिया करते हैं ,
जमाना उन्हें क्या जलाएगा , जो श्रृंगार ही अंगार से किया करते हैं….
जय भोलेनाथ.

खुशबु 😴आ रही है कहीँ से #गांजे और #भांग की !!! 🍯
शायद #खिड़की🚪 खुली रह गयी है ‘ #मेरे_महांकाल’ के #दरबार की…!!
हर_हर_महादेव ‘…😊

खुल चूका है नेत्र तीसरा शिव शम्भू त्रिकाल का…
इस कलयुग में वो ही बचेगा जो भक्त होगा महाकाल का !

भोलेनाथ के दीवाने हैं
हमारी रगों में खून कम और
भोले बाबा का इश्कज्यादा दौड़ता है

These three hold the utmost importance for Hindi culture and religion. Mahadev is also known as the god of the destroyer. Lord Shiva one who responsible for creation matters and also who protects the universe that we know.

That’s why, for their believer, Mahadev worshipped as the supreme God. In addition, try to share Mahadev status with all of your friends, especially Hindi friends, so they will implement the philosophy for a better life. Sharing is caring, right?

As a supreme God who is respected by the others, Mahadev has some characteristics which, of course, have big destructive power and its own philosophy.

The Third eye of Mahadev becomes of the example. His third eye, called Trilochana, can be considered as one of the most destructive weapons in Hindi’s belief. However, the philosophy lies behind it.

By understanding the eye, we as a believer have to know our negative traits, and with the help of the Mahadev, destroys it. The negative traits may vary between people, but it won’t be beneficial for your daily life. Then, it will be good for us to spread this philosophy as believers.

Mahadev Status to Overcome Negativity in You

As the philosophy of Mahadev’s Trilochana usually appears in Mahadev’s status, you can share it with your friends. It acts as a reminder that Mahadev is eager to help you destroy your negativity of life.

The next is Trishula, which Mahadev carried with the right hand. The Trishula is a sacred trident, which has a profound meaning. This Trident becomes the symbol of destruction, but not in an apocalyptic way. It destroys all of your suffering in life, whether it is the past, present, and future.

This means that the trident depicts how the flow of life goes. Live in a present life without regret signify the philosophy of this trident, especially for the devotees. By holding this kind of principle, your life will be much better.

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You will never forget about these principals by watching these kinds of status every day, which is good.

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Spreading your love messages from Mahadev will become a good option, and you can spread it by sharing the Mahadev status every day.

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