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Attitude makes who you are. Being a person with a good attitude is a process, and requires plenty of time investment. However, implementing a good attitude will be hard for all new parents, and obviously, it is fine. In this post, you will discover the best attitude status for girls in Hindi.

As a new, inexperienced parent, a parental guide is mandatory. Even though many of the naughtiness come from boys, it turns out to gives an explanation of attitude also difficult for girls.

Here are Best Attitude Status for Girls in Hindi

घायल करने के लिए लोग हथियार चलाते है,
मेरी तो Smile ही काफी है…!

मोबाइल की Setting होती नहीं,
चले है लड़कियों को Setting बनाने.

सुन पगले जितनी तेरी Salary है,
उतनी तो मेरी Pocket Money है..!

मुझे Afford करना तेरे बस की बात नहीं,
जितना तू कमाता है…
उतना तो मैं खर्च कर देती हूं..!

मैं कोई तेरा शौक नहीं जो तू कहता है तू मेरी है,
मैं तो वो नशा हूं जो हर दिल में बसता है.

Many girls also have their own bad deeds which differ to boys, and somehow a lot more difficult to understand.

Hence, parents have to really understand their little girls.

Understanding little girls will become worse once they hit puberty. The considerable mood swings really become such a nightmare for either parents or her environment. 

If she cannot maintain her good attitude, it will become a disaster. Then, parents have to educate their children to behave since they are young.

Here are a Few Tricks to Maintain Cute Attitude Status For Girls:

1. Give her rule to obey

This is one of the famous and paramount tricks to make your girl has good attitudes. Give her rules that they have to carry out, whether in the house or when you and your family go out together.

Cute Girl Status in Hindi 2 Lines

JIO का नेट और लड़कों की
Friend Request कभी कम नहीं होती.

जली को आग कहते है, बुझी को राख कहते है और
इस Cute सी लड़की को पापा की परी कहते है..

सुना है बहुत अमीर हो तुम,
लेकिन मेरे Attitude से ज्यादा नहीं..

सुन पगले अपने से Compare मत कर
मेरे को, मैं तेरी औकात से बाहर हूं

सुन पगले मैं जिद्दी हूं,
लेकिन तेरी तरह अकडू नहीं..!

It will stay in her brain, and slowly, she becomes used to it. However, don’t implement too many rules, so that she won’t become rebellious.

Also, attitude status is important for Hindi girls as a reminder that they have to follow the rules depicted in the status.

2. Don’t spoil

Many parents, especially dad, tends to spoil his little mermaid when she was young. However, if you spoil your girl too much, she will have the tendency to become whether arrogant and/or spoiled.

Hence, it will be bad for your kid’s future. Then, try to make a boundary and timings.

So, there are times that you can spoil her, but there is also another time that you have to be strict. This will give your beloved girl a good attitude and the ability to read on the situation. 

Unique Status for Girls

मैं रानी हूं तुम्हारे Dil पर राज करूंगी..!

मैं शहजादी हूं #Dil और
#दिमाग दोनों पर राज करती हूं.

तेरी औकात नहीं है.. मुझे पाने की क्योंकि
मेरे बाल भी तेरी औकात से लंबे है.

#Status तो सब डालते है..
लेकिन जब मैं #Status डालती हूं तो सौ बार देखते है…!

तू मेरा ना हो सका कोई बात नहीं..
#शहजादी तेरे लिए रोए.. तेरी इतनी #औकात नहीं…!

To add a more profound effect, using cute attitude status for girls in Hindi will also help a lot.

3. Gives the explanation to your girl

Last but not least, it is important for you to give an explanation of why attitude is important to your daily lives. Every time your girl does something wrong which is distinct from the good attitude, try to be strict and then followed by a good explanation of why that is wrong behavior.

In addition, try to comfort her after that, so she will feel loved rather than feels bad. 

Then hopefully, she will implement all of your advice in her mind, and slowly but surely, will gain a good attitude for the girl. In addition, giving her the attitude status for girls in Hindi also will help her to remember the good and the bad.

Attitude Status for Girl in Hindi for Instagram

किसी का दिमाग चलता है, किसी का सिक्का चलता है..
हमारा तो Attitude चलता है..!

शक्ल है टिंडे जैसी, शरीर है भिंडी जैसा
और बात करते है, मुझे पटाने की…!

मेरा Style देख कर आज कल तो हवाएं भी जलने लगी है
बार-बार चलकर मेरा Hair Style बिगाड़ देती है |

नादान मत समझ मुझको
तेरे जैसे 36 आगे पीछे फिरते है मेरे.

Dil में रहती हूं, Dimag में चढती हूं,
Pagal बना देती हूं, ये तो मेरा Attitude है,
प्यार अभी बाकी है…!

Attitude status for girls in Hindi gives a considerable amount of benefit during the emergence, and will always be like that.

So, for girls, following your parent’s good explanation and behavior is important. However, following attitude status for girls towards boys in hindi is also important, especially you are Hindi girls.

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