Super Cool Status In Hindi to Share with your Friends

Nowadays, social media has become our daily needs. You cannot separate social media in your life, as it holds the important matters and functions. Using social media ease, you communicate with people, knowing what they are doing, and even as a media to spread the news.

The status on Facebook usually is simpler than the newer social media application such as Instagram and line. Nevertheless, all of them give the freedom for us to post anything on the status, including the cool status in Hindi for Hindi society.

मेरा बुरा चाहने वालो समझ लो तुम्हारी मौत आई है,
क्यूंकि यमराज तो अपना छोटा भाई है!!

देख पगली मुझे यूँ ‎ What‬’s App, ‪Instagram, ‪hike‬ और ‪‎Facebook‬ पर मत तलाश किया करो…
हम तो हमेशा तुम्हारे दिल में OnLine रहते हैं….

कुछ तो बात होगी उस पगली में जो मेरा दिल उसपे आ गया था ..
वरना मैं तो इतना सेल्फिश हु की अपने जीने की भी दुआ नही करता..

जब दुश्मनी में मज़ा आने लगता है तो …..
साले दुश्मन माफी मांगने लग जाते है…

आज‬ ‪दरगाह में मन्नत‬ का ‪‎धागा नहीं
अपना दिल‬ ‪‎बाँध‬ के ‪आया‬ हूँ ‪तेरे लिए‬ ।।

सुन पगले ‪‎स्टाईल‬ तो मैं ‪सिर्फशोक के लिए करती हूँ,
वरना ‪ज़माने‬ के लिए तो मेरी ‪‎नशीलीआँखो‬ के ‪‎इशारे‬ ही काफी है ।।

तेरे‬ सिवा कौन ‎समा‬ सकता है ‎मेरे‬ दिल में,……
रूह भी गिरवी रख दी है मैंने ‎तेरी‬ चाहत में !!

दुश्मन के सितम का खौफ नहीं हमको,
हम तो दोस्तो के रूठ जाने से डरते है !

इतना Attitude किसे दिखती है पगली,
जितने Inch की तेरी कमर है उतनी तो तेरे बाबू की Ex gf’s है.

सारे न्यूज़ चैनलों ने Clinton और Trump की तैयारी की हुई थी …
मोदी came out of syllabus…

Social media has many facilities aside from their main function, chatting. Some social media also can upload and share photos with each other, when some acts as a newspaper, compiling news from all of the worlds into your smartphone, which is very convenient.

One important matter that becomes your media to declare what you feel is the status facility on social media.

The status utility usually exists in all of the social media platforms, from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram (the Instagram story), line, we-chat, and many more.

However, usually, the status form in each chatting platform and other social media tends to be different.

All of the people, including Hindi people, want to look cool in front of the others almost every time. Sometimes, act cool in real life is meh, not enough for you.

Sometimes, because of some bad experience, you will lose your cool act, especially when you are drunk. So, using cool status in Hindi really helps you retain your composure.

By uploading daily status, people will see you as a cool person again, and you can restore your pride in front of your friends.

For a male who doesn’t have a girlfriend, using cool Hindi status will really help you. Do you know that actually, girls love a cool, gentle, and mysterious person?

By using cool WhatsApp status in Hindi for your daily post activities, many Hindi girls will start to notice you as a cool person.

So, you can choose which girl you want to date! From nobody, and now playboy, what a cool life you have.

However, becoming playboy is not recommended okay?

Cool Hindi gentleman has to keep cool, pretending all of the girls is just the same. Then, you will become a coveted man in Hindi girls” eyes.

Last but not least, you will also get many friends because you are cool. With cool status in Hindi, many friends will try to befriend you. Try to use this trick if you feel like you are alone or your friends started to leave you.

Daily usage of cool status helps you to get your friends back, as you will be regarded as a cool person. This is why such a status like this will changes your life to a better one.

Don’t believe me? Try it by yourself to feel the effect, what are you waiting for? Start using it now to be the coolest person in the universe and obtain more ladies and cool friends!